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SCR888 APK Latest Review (2020)

SCR888 Review: What You Should Know About The Popular Online Casino

scr888 online casino

Among the most famous online casino is SCR888. The Asia-based casino is a reputable gambling house with a vast number of gamers. Although the owners started the online casino to attract players from Southeast Asia, it has grown to become a globally accepted betting site. This is understandable considering that the platform provides exciting and rewarding gambling experience to casual gamers and the high rollers.

Undoubtedly, notable among the attributes that make online gaming better than land-based casinos include improved gaming experience, ease of access, and flexibility of gameplay. All these characters appeal to players all over the world. Interestingly, SCR888 casino is one of the top gambling platforms working to give the best of those attributes.

However, despite the reputation and popularity of SCR888, it’s only right to understand the platform deeply before signing up. From the SCR888 review site, game selections, bonuses/promotions, and customer services, we’ll share our experience about the gambling site in this review. Enjoy reading!

SCR888 Review: About the Online Casino

Indeed, SCR888 casino is one of the big names that brought in the era of online gaming. Unlike before, gamers across the globe can now play their favorite games from their abode. With online casinos like SCR888, all you need to enjoy exciting gaming experience is your smartphone, laptop or desktop and internet connection. You don’t even need to download any game software; you can easily access the games on the web browser or mobile application.

SCR888 casino operates mainly in the Asian gambling market. However, its reputation has grown beyond the continent. Several international betting markets now recognize SCR888 review casino due to its thousands of players. Also, huge fame is attributed to the global operating model employed by the platform. More so, the site is renowned for delivering the best gambling service while offering the most innovative games.

SCR888 casino strives to offer the best service to its patrons. As a matter of fact, the online casino already indicates every sign of a reliable and top online casino. It’s understandable why SCR888 online casino is considered one of the top ten casinos on the internet. It’s worth noting that SCR888 has not always been known with the name. Until recently, the platform was named 918Kiss. But despite the rebranding, it has maintained a high standard of gambling service.

SCR888 Review: Game Selection 

In this section, we’ll be discussing the game catalogue on the SCR888 casino. Once you access the website, the game category is likely to catch your fancy first. Considering the fame and reputation of SCR888 review, it’s not surprising that the platform owns a vast game catalogue. Aside from a large number of games, all the game categories are fascinating. Without any doubt, the brand has invested a lot into curating the game quality. So, if you seek an online casino offering a balance between game quantity and game quality, you should check out the SCR888 review casino.

On the site, you’ll find a wide array of games. Simply flip through the pages to find more games in different categories. From slot games, fishing games, to live table games, a plethora of games are available on the SCR888 site. You’ll see different varieties of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker games. The game catalogue contains more slot games than any other type of game. So, if you are a slot game enthusiast, you’ll fall in love with the platform straightway. Excitingly, despite the high number of slot games, they are of good quality.

Aside from the impressive gameplay, the visual design is top-notch. Furthermore, games are easy to learn. Hence, whether you are a professional or newbie, you’ll get a game to enjoy. Also, you will find some games that are thrilling to master – they offer an immersive experience and will keep you engaged. Thus, you can understand why thousands of gamers bet on the site. In fact, an average of 5000 players is usually recorded on the site daily. More so, SCR888 review helps improve the chances of winning for the gamers. The majority of the games feature high profitability. If you can combine good gaming practice and utilize the available bonuses, you stand a great chance of leaving with large winnings.

Considering the high competition in the online gambling industry, it’s only right for a top casino to offer an impressive game catalogue. With several game selections available to players, a casino stands a good chance of retaining players. If such a casino can put more effort into offering only the best games, it can be sure of having a large number of players daily. This is exactly the approach utilized by SCR888. The Asian-based casino ensures that players are never getting bored on the site. Players can enjoy multiple games at once; hence, they have a better chance of winning and enjoy different games simultaneously.

As stated earlier, several game categories are available on the site. The various categories are discussed below with a few examples:

  • SCR888 Fishing Games

This category features exciting games on the SCR888 casino. Notable among the fishing games are Ocean King and Da Sheng Nao Hai. From the traffic value on the site, the two games are ranked as highly engaging games. This implies that they are among the most frequently played games on the site. The interesting gameplay and high replay value of the games are believed to be responsible for the high number of engagements. All the four fishing games are entertaining with detailed design. With smooth gameplay and controlled pace, you’ll find the games to be quite addictive and rewarding.

To be specific, Ocean King and Da Sheng Nao Hai are well-known games among experienced players. As a matter of fact, they are among the most popular fishing games online. The two games have been developed in series and celebrated yearly with a new release. For those who seek intense fun while playing online, then consider checking out Ocean King or Da Sheng Nao Hai. Most fishing game enthusiasts will find game stories to be exciting. More so, the games feature an interesting soundtrack while aesthetics are rare.

More so, players can access the games in two forms: firstly, you can challenge the game environment. And secondly, players can queue in the lobby to play against other players across the globe. It’s worth noting that the two games feature an impressive score multiplier system. With the system, you’ll surely appreciate the games better. Surely, fishing games give players an excellent chance to win profitably. Also, the entertainment value is high. Unsurprisingly, both old, and young players find the game to be appealing.

  • SCR888 Rotating Arcades

Online game enthusiasts who love adrenaline-pumping games should check out arcade games on SCR888 casino. Battle World and Racing car, in particular, are out of this world. The two games are meticulously structured with a controlled gaming session. Don’t be surprised if you spend more than one hour while enjoying arcade games on SCR888. The games are immersive and exciting. It’s safe to say that Battle World and Racing Car are evolved slot games with doses of arcade-style. 

Excitingly, you can quickly learn how to play the games without any assistance. Battle World features cartoonish images while the storyline is based on Chinese legends, such as Sha Zheng and Monkey King. As for the Racing Car, the game’s enthusiasts will love the car structures, speed, and design – they are fascinating and offer a thrilling experience.

Aside from the two categories discussed above, endeavor to check out live table games. In the category, you can enjoy baccarat games, roulette variants, poker, and blackjacks. Although game selection is a crucial aspect of any online casino, the customer’s experience is equally important. Thus, we’ll be sharing insightful details about what SCR888 casino has provided to satisfy clients and ensure that you have memorable gaming experience. Read on.

SCR888 Review: Bonuses and Promotions

Many online bettors consider SCR888 casino as one of the most generous gambling sites. This is because you’ll hardly find the level of SCR888 generosity with other online casinos. Aside from the common bonuses and promotions, the site offers daily free credits and free cash giveaways. Once you register to become a member on SCR888, you can expect different rewards, bonuses, and promotions coming your way. For instance, players enjoy referral rewards, loyalty rewards, and attendance rewards. Also, you’ll find a welcome bonus, cash rebate, event bonus, deposit bonus, among others on the site. More so, several promotions are available for the players to enjoy. Although it’s almost impossible to discuss all the offers from SCR888 casino, we’ll be discussing two bonuses to have a basic idea:

  • SCR888 150% Welcome Bonus

As a new player on the SCR888 site, you’ll be eligible to claim the career starter pack. It’s essentially a welcome bonus that helps boost your gambling progress on the site. The 150% welcome bonus means you get to claim 150% of your first deposit. However, the maximum value is 300MYR. Endeavor to read further about the bonus on the site and use it to your own advantage.

  • SCR888 50% Daily Reload Bonus

Another exciting bonus on the SCR888 casino is the 50% daily reload bonus. This promotion refreshes every day as you visit the site. If you access the website daily, you can get a 50% cash rebate based on your first reload. Depending on your bet, the reload bonus can be up to 100 MYR. However, you need to meet the basic requirement of five times turnover with your deposit and bonus funds before you can claim the bonus. The turnover should occur before the deadline; otherwise, it will be declared as invalid. This bonus is also worth checking out. It’s a good way to increase our chances of winning and reduce your potential loss.

SCR888 Review: Security Standard

Arguably, security is the most crucial component of any online casino. Without a secured platform, hundreds of quality games mean little. This is because customer experience is likely to be jeopardized. Luckily, SCR888 gives high priority to security measures as you would expect from any top online casino. The security standard on the site is world-class. It features a secured firewall, which makes unauthorized access impossible. Hence, the personal and financial details of the patrons are well-secured. More so, SCR888 online casino is endorsed by many authorities – A point that further indicates that the right security measures are in place.

Additionally, SCR888 mobile app comes with two-factor authentication. You need to verify yourself through email and the online casino app before access can be granted. Hence, no one can access your account without your approval. Considering that the site works with top transaction platforms, such as Help2pay and Eeziepay, it features 128-bit encryption to safeguard financial details and passwords.

Thus, without any doubt, the security standard on SCR888 is high-class. Besides, several online casino review sites also agree with our findings. Most blogs give positive ratings about the reliability and security standard of the SCR888 casino. Until the time of writing this SCR888 review, no record shows a breach of information on the site. Also, no player has ever reported infringement of privacy on the site. In addition, SCR888 online casino operates a transparent business model. The platform does not use confusing jargon and never hide any charges.

SCR888 Review: Website Structure and Casino Service

The brand owner ensures that the site is user-friendly. Even if you are visiting the website for the first time, you can easily navigate your way effortlessly. Besides, the site design is appealing; you’ll surely love surfing through the pages. The menu clearly shows each feature, and players will find useful information about the games, bonuses, etc., on the site.

Regarding the customer service department, SCR888 casino doesn’t joke with customer satisfaction. The customer support team is dedicated and friendly. They attend to every demand, question, and inquiry. Interestingly, the representatives work 24/7. So, you can send your questions at any time. It’ll interest you to know that you can contact the customer support unit through different channels. The means of communication include WeChat, Customer Hotline, Email, WhatsApp, Live Chat Lobby, etc.

SCR888 Review: Website Accessibility

Despite the vast array of benefits from the SCR888 casino, the brand has a shortcoming. Currently, the gambling service from the site is only available to mobile users. This means that you can’t access the games through desktop computers. However, you can utilize the SCR888 download option. For those who use Android-powered smartphones, you should visit the Google store to download the SCR888 Android app. If you use an iPhone, then you can download SCR888 IOS App from the Apple Play store. You can check up a step by step guide to download SCR888.

You should know that due to regional restrictions against betting, players in some regions cannot access the SCR888 site. Nevertheless, there is a solution – you can initiate SCR888 download through a third-party website. You simply have to download the SCR888 apk file, then perform a manual installation. You’ll find the instruction for installation on the SCR888 APK download page.

Considering the reputation and quality of gambling service from SCR888, it won’t be surprising if the shortcomings are corrected in due time. Besides, SCR888 is continuously developing and striving to remain as one of the best online casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions in SCR888

  1. How do I become a member of the SCR888 casino?

It is easy to join the gaming platform. All you need is to visit the website, then click on register on the first page. From there, you’ll be giving multiple options to start a chat with the representatives. Once you contact them, they will provide you with further instructions on how to set up your account within a few minutes.

  1. Is depositing on the SCR888 gambling account safe?

Yes, it’s safe to deposit on the SCR888 casino and here’s why SCR888 is trusted. The platform gives high priority to the safety and security of a patron’s personal and financial details. They operate with a 128-bit encryption system and secure firewalls that block out any unauthorized access to the website. Additionally, the site uses a two-way verification procedure to ensure that no transaction will occur in your account without your approval. So, be assured that it is safe to deposit your funds on the site.

  1. When is it possible to withdraw bonus funds?

Whether it’s your winnings or bonus, withdrawing funds on SCR888 casino is quite easy. However, before you can get your bonus money, you need to meet the wagering requirements stated for the bonus offer in question. So, endeavor to read the terms and conditions that apply to a specific bonus fund.

  1. What age is permitted to gamble online?

A player’s country of residence determines the required age. Once you are 18 years old in the United Kingdom, you can gamble online. However, in the United States, the age restrictions differ from one state to another. For instance, while some states allow 18 years, other stipulates reaching 21 years of age. So, it’s advisable to check the legal gambling age in your country or state.

  1. How does live dealer games differ from others?

Unlike other games, live dealer games give a real-time gaming experience to players. Gamers are able to experience the feel and thrill of playing in a land-based casino right from their home. All you need is a good camera on your device, an audio card, and a secure internet connection. 

  1. Is there any SCR888 Hack available?

There are lots of players and suppliers out there spreading the fake news about SCR888 hacking ideas. Unfortunately, still, there are no proven hacks that are effective to SCR888.


Overall, you can expect to find every good attribute of a top online casino on SCR888. The site offers excitement, entertainment, and profit to gamers. With high-security standard on the platform, you can play with peace of mind. All your details are secure and safe from unauthorized access. Also, the site design is appealing and easy to navigate.

If you ever encounter any issue on the site or during game time, endeavor to contact the representatives. The customer support team is responsive and reachable via multiple means. Lastly, you should try to make the best use of bonuses and promotions. They will help play more games and increase your chances of winning. Enjoy gaming!

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