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Online Casino Malaysia

Online Casino Malaysia is being embraced all over the world, Malaysia inclusive because it offers a similar experience as to a land-based casino; the beauty of playing online is that you get this experience from the comfort of your home. Online casinos save you the stress of searching for a land casino, and also the cost of transportation involved.

Online casinos, like every other activity, have a specific procedure to follow to ensure you get the maximum entertainment and benefits. There are many casinos online, and proper guidance is needed to select one, register, and start playing. This article will give you the ultimate guide required to play in any online casino in Malaysia.



This is a vital point before you start something with a good understanding of what it is about and what it entails is expedient. You have to decide which online casino you want to join, look up their bonuses, promotions, and wage condition, and most importantly, you have to know the games they have. One of the most popular bonuses offered by most of the online casino Malaysia is Free Credit No Deposit bonus.

Every casino provides a form of a manual that contains their rules and everything you need to know about them; as a newbie, you have to study this before venturing into that casino carefully. All online casinos have a house edge; review which house edge is most likely to allow you to win. The golden rule of every casino game in Malaysia is knowing the rules of every game.


Several casino games exist, and some are casino- specific. They are grouped into particular game types and categories. The fantastic thing is that, as many as these games are, more are still being created. 

It is necessary for a regular or newcomer in the world of online casinos to study the games available for each casino, and select the ones they may fancy based on their categories. Understand the rules of each game, so you do not make costly mistakes; read up on essential tips to win before playing.

Online casino Malaysia provides a wide range of games that you can enjoy with the click of your mouse, and the comfort of your home. Understand which games offer you a chance of winning and have a low house edge. Some game categories in most online casino Malaysia range from slots to table games, video poker, and speciality games.


There are numerous online casino Malaysia available to players, with each of them offering different deals and benefits. It is necessary to compare the offers of various online casinos before settling for those which offer a better deal than others.

It is often advised to join at least two gambling sites to give you access to different game varieties and several rewards.


Aside from being entertaining, online casino Malaysia are platforms for making money; online platforms are an opportunity for fraudulent activities, be sure not to join a fraudulent site that would not pay you when you have a win. Also, studying the payment methods for these online casinos to be sure they are authentic, easily accessible, and reliable.


Lots of online casinos operate in Malaysia; however, not all meet specific requirements to term them best, or in other words, some offer impeccable services over others. Particular laws in Malaysia bound online casinos, and the best ones must be law-abiding.

The best online casinos also provide top-notch online facilities where the games they offer can be played expertly to satisfy their customers.

Another essential feature of the best online casinos in Malaysia is that they have maximum security packages for the casino as well as their players. A safe payment avenue is also necessary for a reputable casino. A few of the best online casinos in Malaysia are discussed below:



me88 logo

Rebranded from the popular online casino, 96Cash Malaysia. The online casino Malaysia that focuses on providing reliable and luxury entertainment experiences to all players. me88 Malaysia offers exciting promotions to its players to ensure that every member enjoys the games and the platform. If you are a live casino lover, you would definitely want to hop in into me88’s wide variety of high-quality live dealer card games. 



BK8 is one of the leading casinos in Malaysia; it has lots of games in its game set and offers many other services such as sports betting, fishing, and lottery games. Its casino has several categories of games from which players can select and enjoy. Its live casino is the best in town with a turnover bonus of MYR1288, several bonuses and promotions for players, and a free first bet for first-timers. Its site is easy to use and is available in different languages, making the casino open for more people in the world.



Maxim88, previously known by the name of 96 slots, is an online casino platform in Malaysia that offers a wide range of gaming products to players. It has a reputation for providing a safe and secure space online to satisfy gamblers all over Malaysia. MAXIM88 boasts a remarkable player base across the country, averaging tens of thousands of spins per day due to its endless attraction, top trend gaming community, and mouth-watering promotion for players. It caters to the gambling and gaming needs of customers within the country.



Formerly recognized as ‘SCR888’ and renamed as 918Kiss (Kiss918), in countries of Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The revamped ‘918Kiss’ has indeed made its way into the household of all.

It holds the single largest player base in the entire world, at all times ranging from a record-breaking ten thousand active players. What makes it so popular? For one thing, with its promotional campaign, 918Kiss Malaysia has dominated the Asian online gaming market.



Mega888 Online Slots is an application-based online casino supported by all mobile operating systems. The online casino continues to operate mostly in the Southeast Asian region, in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. But its popularity far surpasses its operating base, spreading far and wide not just across the Asian continent but also slowly making its mark internationally.



96Slots is an online casino that also offers online baccarat, bingo, games, live dealer games, lottery, other games, poker, roulette and sportsbook which provided by the top casino games providers such as Allbet Gaming, Asia Gaming, DreamGaming, Evolution Gaming, Gameplay Interactive, Gold Deluxe, IDNPLAY, MaxBet, Playtech, Microgaming, Spadegaming, Top Trend Gaming and XIN Gaming. The prime language of the site is English. It supports both downloadable apps and the online HTML casino website.



Launched in 2015, and still going strong even after five years, SCR888 Games is a popular Asian-based online casino. It is a gaming site that is overwhelmingly popular in the area of south-east Asia, in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. The SCR888 casino is designed to give both casual and professional players the most exquisite online gaming experience.

SCR888 is not always known as its name, the truth is that it is now known as its revamped name-918kiss, due to a thorough rebranding effort by the developing company. Despite the brand name change, however, the efficiency and quality of the online casino are still kept perfectly, in fact, its service has never been better. 



ECLBet is an online casino platform, established in 2016 in Malaysia. The casino is on a gradual rise and has developed to be one of Malaysia’s largest online casino websites. Internationally, around 500,000 players swim to ECLBet for sports betting and entertaining online casino sessions.

The ECLBet is a great online casino offering a stable sports site, virtual sports betting, 4D lottery, slot games and more. They are recognized in Malaysia as one of the leading online casinos in the country, with the slogan of “Play at the Safest Casino”.



Royal77 is known as Asia’s leading online gaming site providing a wide variety of gaming options in sports betting, live dealer casino and slot games. The online casino is conducting a continuous update on the goods and services, introducing exciting events and content that offers players the very best of amazement and excitement in the online entertainment industry.

The privacy of members is of extreme significance at the Royal77 online gaming platform. They have the most sophisticated security system and the games, registration, and transaction processes are constantly audited to ensure safe, fair and secure internet gambling experience.



XE88 entered the online gaming market in 2018 and within about two years, this online casino has set a name on its own. It’s got quite a few positive reviews on some pages. More than 1 million updates to their Android app were registered.

That’s a good achievement for an enterprise that has existed for only two years. Like many other prominent offline and online casino websites, most of the games are inspired by the Asian community; in XE88 Online Casino Malaysia, this is similar.

They have over 112 games users can play, and most of them have unique features and specific rules. Besides video slot play, XE88 also has some other types of gaming like table card games, rotating arcade, etc. Upon signing in to their site. Many of the available games are visible on the homepage. Just pick the one you’d love to watch and get to go immediately.



This online gambling platform was started in 2008, and has grown significantly over the years and has attached numerous players to it. Offering some amazing betting limits, it has seen some good days. It was also known for its excellent betting odds. The site has headquarters in the Philippines.

2008 and the years that followed were the times when people shifted slowly from brick and mortar entertainment platforms to online sites. Nova88 Online Sports Betting Casino was able to make a certain impression with new entrants in those initial days.


Most casino games available online are common to various online casino Malaysia; only a few are casino-specific. Some of the casino games available online are slots, jackpot games, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, video poker, live casino, table games, and scratch cards.


Live dealer casino in Malaysia is one way to enjoy the experience of playing in a land-based casino, right at the comfort of your home. The live dealer casino games are easy to play and are very interactive because you deal with live dealers and players. All you need is to have a reliable internet connection and you are good to go. Here is a list of live dealer casino games:


Blackjack is one of the best and favourite online casino Malaysia games played globally. It is a high energy game that requires a great deal of skill and strategy. The blackjack game exists in various forms with similar rules. Examples of the blackjack games: classic blackjack, pontoon, blackjack Switch, blackjack double exposure etc.


sexy baccarat - baccarat

This another mostly played game in casinos. It is a comparing card game played between the player and the banker, both referred to as two hands.  Each round of play, called baccarat coup yields three possible outcomes which are: the player, the banker and the tie.

The player is used to represent the outcome when the player has the higher score, the banker occurs when the dealer has the highest score and tie is used when both the player and banker have the same score.

The most used baccarat variables in are live dealer is baccarat and super 6 baccarat; super 6 is a bet on whether the player will win with a six. Stakes are from $5 to over $2500.


sa gaming bidme

This is a type of baccarat which is based on the classic game rules. The revealing cards are approached differently from the normal baccarat game, with other rules similar to the game of baccarat.


playtech poker

This is a game of cards where players bet on which hand is the best according to the rules of the game. The rules of poker games are game and casino specific. You may see more about the casino game poker in the link:


playtech roulette

Roulette is a French word which means little wheel; it is also used to refer to a casino game in which players place bets on either a single number or various groups of numbers. The players are to bet on the colours (red or black) and whether the number is odd or even, high (between 19 to 36) or low (between a range of 1 to 18).

A dealer spins the wheel in a particular direction and spins the ball in an opposite direction around a bent circular track around the external edge of the wheel, the ball passes to areas of deflectors and falls into the wheel and into one of 37 or 38 coloured and numbered pockets on the wheel.

The winners are those who placed a successful bet. American and European Roulette are commonly played game selections; other variables are Auto and Lightning Roulette. Stakes are as low as $1 and exceed $250k.


microgaming live sic bo

This is a Chinese originated game also called Tai Sai. It is a game of dice played in most live casino dealers. The game involves wagering that a certain condition will be met at the roll of three dies. Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck are English versions.


dragon tiger bet

This online game is a distinct easy kind of card game; it is often described as the two-card version of Baccarat, and it is a fast-growing game in most online live dealer casinos. This game is played in 25s and is considered an opportunity for players to win.


Asia gaming live bull

The bullfight, as it is sometimes called, is a popular online card game where the croupier draws the first card to determine the order in which the other cards for three players and the dealer will be dealt.


dreamgaming three card

This is an online live game based on poker. It is played as heads up between the croupier’s hand and the player’s hand where three cards are dealt with each of them.


This is also called the big six wheel of fortune which involves spinning a large vertical wheel. It is popular in most online live casinos. The wheel is divided into equal sections with a particular number and spun by a dealer. The section on the top where a player stops the wheel is the winner.



spadegaming fafafa

These games are incredibly entertaining; they are associated with fruit machines and are also called single pay line slots. The games available in this category are bundle jungle blackjack bonanza, high five and pub fruity.


This is another category of fruit machines, and are called the 3 reels 3 pay line slots.  Video slots and 3D games also offer 3 pay lines; examples of games under this category are slot of fortune, flower power, reels Royce, etc.


5 line slot machines can include 3 or 5 reels. Usually, 3 reel machines are called classic slots. However, the first 3 reel slots had only 1 pay line. Today classic slots are more advanced and now instead of 1 pay line, they offer 5 pay lines to form even more winning combos.


ultimate game

Players can activate up to 8 lines and wager a certain amount of coins on each of them. The coins are usually in small denominations of 0.10 and 0.20 credits, while the slot can be played with bets as low as 0.10 credits per spin.


918Kiss safari heat

9 line slots are all video slots, and that means you are going to get some really great graphics, sounds but even more importantly tremendous jackpots.


spadegaming sweet bakery

Ten pay lines are not as popular as the traditional machines with single lines(or at least three lines at most). Ten is a nice number for game designers. Easy to use when calculating wager multipliers, bets-per-line, and other features that slot players like to be able to work out in their head.


You can play 5 reels 15 pay line slots at any online Malaysia casino. First of all, you need to choose a suitable game according to features.15 line slots can offer free spins, spectacular bonus games, progressive jackpots, wild and scatter symbols, prize multipliers and various bonuses. The variety is really stunning.


918kiss sultan gold

20 line slots provide entertainment. They offer two types of bonuses; free spins and bonus games. Playing the maximum betting lines has certain perks. If you are playing the maximum lines and trigger a bonus, you will receive 20 lines in live play since each free spin awarded plays off independently.


pragmatic play wolf gold

The game will automatically keep track of each line and credit you all winning combinations instantly. When playing 25 liners, you should always try and play the maximum number of lines in this way, you will never miss out on a winning line, and by playing max lines when you hit the bonus rounds, you know you are going to get the maximum returns. 


30 line slots are video slots and are relatively in short supply, but some of the best ones are ready and waiting to be played at a host of online casino platforms. It offers a wide range of stunning features.


40 line slots or even more isn’t a rare thing at all. There are a couple of extraordinary games using this amount of pay-lines. The more pay-lines offered, the better from the player’s perspective. There are more ways to win, and the actual winning lines will be formed with a higher frequency, as there are more of them.


spadegaming heroes

Several leading software developers developed a handful of merely amazing games. They took a variety of well-known characters in the world and re-created them in action-packed slot machines featuring 50 lines. More fun and frequent wins are likely when playing 50 pay-line games vs. single pay-line ones.


These machines have about 60 pay lines, meaning that visible symbols that are not aligned on the central horizontal can be considered for winning combinations. The higher the amount of bet, the higher the payout if the player wins.


Playboy Gold Slot

When an online casino software provider decides to bring out a 100 line slot, then that slot has to be extra special. The software company is brave enough to stand up and be counted as Microgaming, and their recent 100 line slot game is something exceptional. 


microgaming Thunderstruck 2

A 243 ways machine works similarly like a typical video slot. Players are presented with a five-reel screen, with three symbol positions visible on each reel. Before each spin, the player must make a bet, and can often choose what denomination and how many coins they wish to bet.


They exist but you won’t find too many of them at online casinos. They never really took off. The oddity with these games is that they display different amounts of symbols on the five reels. For instance, a machine might have 3 x 3 x 4 x 4 x 5, which of course, equals 720.


These slots have five reels and four symbols on display (4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 1024) .You are trying to match up three or more of the symbols on the five reels. Each game will have its different nuances. For instance, some will require you to get the first two symbols on the first two reels.


You won’t find too many of these, but they are slowly growing in popularity. They have pushed the boundaries to levels we haven’t seen before.


buffalo blitz gameplay

An example of a 4096 line slot is Mighty Africa: a 6 reel, 4,096 ways to win slot, and it comes with a Free Spins feature where up to 100 free spins can be won in total. A Wild Split feature is triggered where the number of ways to win increases up to 31,104!


Fishing slots afford the luxury of fishing in a virtual world with fun and profit as hand in hand derivable perks. The following list gives us a glimpse of fantastic fishing slot games available at online casinos platforms in Malaysia:

SpadeGaming: Fishing War

fishing war

If you’re searching out the standard for a casino game experience, you don’t need to look except for Fishing War from Spadegaming, which is based in Asia. We wouldn’t define this as a slot at all, as it has more in common with fish shooting game or fishing game, that you’ll usually find on your smartphone or tablet. However, it’s not the first game that seeks to cross the gap between the casino and mobile games, as Max Quest: Ra’s Wrath will have that distinction forever.

Fishing war doesn’t sound like a relaxing and idyllic fishing trip, and it really isn’t. It is a continuous action game, lots of movable parts and 8 different bonus features. You can see the gameplay of this awesome game on the video above.

SpadeGaming: Fishing God

fishing god gameplay

Fishing God is one of the fishing games with an exchange of real money and enticing gifts. With several exceptional events taking place regularly, daily activities will be allocated to players, which is to raise the unique number of fish. It is accompanied by a collection of interesting features, which in this game are continuously upgraded.

With more than 41 golden dragon bosses in total and many types of VIP fish, Fishing God was created from one of the best online casino games providers, SpadeGaming.   

The fish shooting game is composed of colourful 3D pictures. The graphical interface of the game is designed with vibrant 3D graphics, coupled with the sound of whistling sea waves, all of which create a fanciful vivid picture beneath the vast blue ocean.

Beauty, meticulousness, is what we see in this game’s graphics. The audio system presence is bringing the players even better experiences.

GG Fishing: Fishing World

GGfishing position

The fishing game provided by one of the top providers, GG Gaming, Fishing World is also at the top of our fishing games list. Beautifully designed, with simple manipulation and ways to play, players are able to hit each and every fish appearing on the screen with ease.

Different levels of fishing are also available on Fishing World, which allows players to play at desired betting value.

With more than 30 types of fishes, it is extremely difficult to miss-hit any of them. One of the highest pay targets, the King Crab rewards its shooter with 300x to 1000x the betting value. Huge rewards are waiting for you to discover!

PT Fishing: Cash Fish


Playtech Fishing: The popular casino game provider Playtech introduces Cash Fish, fun and easy fishing game to online casino players. There are 3 distinct powerful and effective weapons-usable for you to capture different species of fish creatures on the mysterious seafloor.

You’ll have access to various weapons from the cannon depending on your game modes. Betting between 1-9 coins unlocked one weapon, betting between 10-90 coins unlocked two weapons while betting between 100-1000 coins provides you with the most robust feature of three gunfire.

SA Fishing: Fishermen Gold

sa gaming fisherman gold

Fishermen Gold is one of the top online fishing games in the digital era currently. If you’re looking for a game that will give you a high degree of fun and enjoyment, this could be the best online fish shooting game for you.

The game is loaded with lots of innovative features which will provide you with such an extraordinary degree of comfort regarding your online gaming needs.

Playing in Fishermen Gold’s Environment will allow you to enjoy a much more exciting game that will make you feel enjoyable and delighted. It gives the players an immediate multiplayer online gaming experience they’ve never seen before. In this game, you have nothing to question, because it’s easy to play, and you can use in-depth strategies to create the best gameplay you want. The Fishermen Gold is the best for you if you want to experience a great level of excitement, fun and entertainment!


cmd sportsbook

Sports betting is the activity of predicting the outcome of a particular sport’s result and placing a stake on the outcome. Bets are placed on sports like soccer, lawn tennis, basketball, hockey, boxing, and lots more at both amateur and professional levels. 

The outcomes are assigned different odds by the bookmakers, also referred to as the bookies. A multiplier effect calculates the bettors’ potential winnings in terms of the stakes-placed on an outcome and the assigned odds by the bookies. Following an accurate prediction by a bettor, the calculated potential winning is awarded, but a bettor loses his stake if a wrong prediction is made.


Promotions and promos are utilized by Malaysian online casino sites as a marketing strategy to increase their pool of customers and as well as maintain the patronage of their staple customers. The following  bonuses are offered by these online casino Malaysia platforms:



Welcome bonuses are marketing costs. The online gambling industry is an extremely competitive one and there are hundreds of internet-based casinos out there. Offering an attractive welcome incentive, upon signing in, is one way to encourage customer patronage. It is also important for “would be” customers to read through terms and conditions associated with such incentives.



Deposit bonuses are also referred to as match bonuses and these are awarded by a casino when you make a deposit. The amount awarded will be a fixed percentage of your deposit. For example, if there is a 50% deposit bonus and you deposit RM500, then you’ll receive an extra RM250, giving you RM750 to play with.



These bonuses act as an incentive to players to encourage patronage. A percentage of a customer’s losses for a week is received as a bonus. These bonuses are often playable on a selection of games, which are updated regularly to spice things up. This gives a customer a sense of winning, even after losing.



Some of the online casino Malaysia offers its new players with free credit without requiring them to deposit any cash into their wallet. By offering this, players may enjoy the games or even sports betting on online casinos with special deals. A player can receive lots of free credit on online casino Malaysia without putting real money.

Also, it applies that most of the online casinos provide free demo games for their website visitors such as BK8 Casino. Players are able to try out the games before playing them with real money. This way, players are able to predict the rate of return of every game.



Players that deposited a certain amount of funds into their online casino wallet may enjoy free gifts from the company as a reward. BK8 Casino appreciates its players by offering all their active members with electronic devices such as Laptops, Mobile phones, and E-Watches. 


Referral Bonus

Most of the online casino Malaysia rewards its members that invite their friends and families to play together on the platform. We can see that there are lots of online casinos offering special discounts and bonuses to the players such as free credit, free cash reward, free electronic devices, and more.


There are several payment methods available for casino players in Malaysia; most of them are secure and work in real-time. Some secure payment methods are briefly discussed below:


visa and master card payment method

Credit cards and debit cards among the most popular payment methods because of how convenient they are. Some of the most popular card payment solution providers, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay, facilitate electronic funds transfers across the world, allowing users to make fast and secure online transactions.


skrill payment method

Skrill is a secure payment method that allows its users to make instant online transactions rather than linking your bank account to a casino. The e-Wallet is incredibly easy to use and can be found in almost every renowned gambling site. They work as virtual wallets and allow you to deposit your e-wallet and then use those funds as you see fit. Skrill users get unlimited access to their funds.


netteller payment method

Neteller is a trendy eWallet payment method. It is considered a very reliable and secure electronic wallet service as it caters to millions of customers in more than 180 countries worldwide. It is the favourite payment option for Malaysian casino players since it enables them to completely smooth and seamless transactions with the casino cashier.


eeziepay payment method

EeziePay is a secure payment service that leads from the front. It is a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments via the customer’s debit or credit cards. Online casino Malaysia use it because card payments or funding into the casino are processed in real-time.


help2pay online payment method

Help2Pay is a payment method and a provider of financial instruments that offer real-time, reliable solutions for shopping online. The main reason for using Help2Pay in online casinos is that you don’t have to enter too much information about yourself. Payments are performed quickly, so players can deposit funds without delays and withdraw winnings rapidly.


Gambling has found itself a grey area in Malaysia. Since the country has a majority of Muslim residents, there are no strict laws against gambling, as sharia law doesn’t forbid it.

There are thousands of trusted licensed casinos in Malaysia currently, so as a gambler, you have a handful of casinos to choose from. These casinos also offer you the most relaxed payment methods that perform transactions in real-time.

Having made deposits, you will get bonuses depending on the casino that you are using such as free credit no deposit bonus. Many fantastic online casino Malaysia games are waiting for you to play, such as Roulette, fishing games, slots, and table games. You can play these games and win money fairly.


  1.     Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, so nearly all forms of gambling on offline, are considered illegal. However, online casinos in Malaysia are considered as a void area, as there is no specific law stating about online casino’s legality in Malaysia.

Three major frameworks dictate gaming laws in Malaysia. The most prominent of these is the Betting Act 1953. Additionally, civil contract law in Malaysia declares that all agreements made in the form of gambling or wagering are null and void.

  1.     Are the online casino games fair to its players?

In any casino, players are always ready to lose some money in the beginning except for a few games like blackjack and poker as if you are a very skilled player and can get an ‘edge.’ So get real if you are just out for some fun and are wanting to lose a casino is fine either online or actual. You can win; as the probability is just a number in the end.

  1.     Can I play online casino games on my mobile device?

Absolutely. You can play almost every slot and live table games at real money mobile casinos. Your game choices are in the hundreds, especially in the slots, blackjack, Roulette, craps, and baccarat.

  1.     Where can I play casino now?

When it comes to where you can play casino online, there are a wealth of options to chose from. You can start by reading reviews from the various available casino sites in Malaysia.