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Why You Should Play SPARTA on Mega888


Mega888 Spartans are known to be strong, disciplined, united, persistent and smart. If you play even the slightest attention to media, you would have heard of them. Zack Snyder made a movie back in 2007 about the 300 Spartans that got betrayed, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, the movie even spawned a successful sequel years later. Novels that portray life in Sparta as a soldier and as a civilian were common, examples include Go Tell The Spartans (1991) and Prince of Sparta (1993). People like to make movies and tell stories about spartan because they get easily inspired by their energy, their unrelenting attitude. They are a force that can not be stopped in war because of how they uphold honor and glory in battle.

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The team at Mega888, we love the Spartans for the same reasons; their tactics for war and combat are still studied and implemented in various fields even until today — business, resource management, meeting negotiation, merge and acquisition, so on and so forth. The values portrayed by the Spartans back then, they can be used to inspire us gamers as well, which is why we have created a game based on the theme of Sparta. The newly introduced slot game is adequately named ‘Sparta’, in which the game features visuals, textures and designs inspired by the city-state and its culture.

What Makes SPARTA Slot Game So Attractive?

What Makes SPARTA Slot Game So Attractive


The animation in Sparta is what makes it so outstanding among the other slot games that we offer on Mega888 Slots, every time the player gets a good roll Spartans will charge onto the screen as if to celebrate with the player. It is a good feeling, celebrating a victory in combat with your comrades, and we understand that often, this is what gamers look for in their games.

Sparta has good music, the jackpot is categorized into the mini jackpot and great jackpot, all offering drool-inducing prizes for the players. Playing Sparta is easy, it has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 pay lines, slot game lovers will find themselves familiarizing with the game with ease. The game has an auto-bet feature so you can multitask while playing slot games.

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All of the games offered by Mega888 are curated to our users’ taste, Sparta is no different. It is no surprise that Sparta is now rated at 4 out of 5 stars at Mega888. The total tallied vote has now gone up to 60 votes, you too can contribute to the rating of Sparta once you sign up with Mega888 and try out the game!

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