BK8 Presents The Latest Mega888 Promotion

One of the best parts about playing your favourite betting and gambling games whether in a brick casino with others around you, or in the comfort of your home with an online casino is the thrill of getting bonuses. It acts as a motivation to keep playing and it’s always nice to be appreciated when you get some bonuses. You can play some more and even win big when you use your bonus to play so it is understandable that you would want to know if the most popular game in Malaysia Mega888 and some other Asian counties also offers some sweet promotion and bonuses you can benefit from. 

If you are wondering what Mega88 promotions come with, here are a few you can look forward to. 

Welcome Bonus


When you register as a fresh player on Mega88 on our site, you get a welcome bonus you can use to get acquainted with how the game works. This is just the developer’s way of showing appreciation and thanking you for signing on to play their game and making sure you win yourself some money. Lots of players get excited for this bonus and you should too! So go ahead and register to receive your own bonus.

Daily Promotions


If you are an avid player of online games then you know that a lot of them have daily promotions that also serve as a way to make you keep coming back. With these promotions and bonuses, you can win one or two each day you play and put it towards winning yourself some more money. If you play often and you are lucky enough, you can get all the daily promotions benefits for each day you play.

Free Credit Bonus


Another bonus up for grabs to loyal players of Mega 888 is the free credit no deposit bonus. Many players may be familiar with this kind of bonus. With the free credit bonus, you can enjoy a number of spins without making any deposit. Sounds great right? It is! It’s an amazing way for you to play the game for a few minutes before deciding to go ahead to make a deposit. This can help decide whether or not you enjoy the game and understand it or if you need to practice Mega888 some more.

Loyalty Points / Bonuses


Every good online game loves to reward their players with some extra points and bonuses for a job well done. When you play often on a particular game, it’s only natural that the game rewards you for choosing them over other games.

Mega888 is one of such games that offers its players so many points and bonuses for staying loyal to them. Whenever you sign in to play, you are bound to find a few bonuses waiting for you as a “Thank you” from the online casino and the game developers.


These are a few of the bonuses available to ardent Mega888 players and newbies as well. Bonuses and rewards are one of the hallmarks of a noteworthy game and as the number one game in Malaysia right now, Mega88 does not disappoint.