How To Download Mega888? (Android and iOS)


Despite the fact that these are many similarities between the many different casinos that exist in all of Asia, there are a select few websites that have set themselves apart by their attention to the standard. Mega888 Online Slots is one of such distinguished websites. Its unique Modus Operandi has contributed to its steady rise among the ranks of popular casinos with players in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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The website has become one of the most prestigious slot spots for gamers in Asia, and it attracts diverse players to participate in the different games anytime they feel ambitious or confident enough to place bets and stand a chance to earn bonus points, Mega888 free credits and cash prizes. This made Mega 888 earn a place among the highest-ranking online casino websites in all of Asia and because it has left a lasting good impression on the minds of its patrons, one can safely say Mega888 has come to stay. Besides that, Mega 888 is the most trusted and reliable online casino, as it boasts itself as an online casino that is dedicated to bringing you tons of exclusive entertainment content on the internet. The package that comes with Mega88 offers a wide variety of games ranging from fishing games and slot games to a great number of other unique live table experiences.

Some of the other deals that they offer are mouthwatering bonuses and incentives, outstanding customer service, and a broad spectrum of games, all of which have been infused with the culture held dear by each of the customers. What’s more? They have gone ahead to partner with savvy game developers so that their customers are satisfied with the very many game choices available for them.

Why Download Mega888?

You would ask yourself; “Why should I choose it? Why should I trust the Mega888 online casino?” One look inside would reveal a ton of overwhelmingly positive reviews from all of the Meg888 players. Fans have been singing praise about both the quantity and quality of the games, and Mega88’s ability to strike a balance between two the two positive every reliable online casino should have.

In the online casino world, Mega888 is not only following international standards but serving as a benchmark themselves as well for other future online casinos to follow. We are the textbook example for a trustworthy online casino, sparing no expenses in polishing, optimizing and enhancing our casino design, appeal, service, and most importantly, security. Mega 888 goes through regular maintenance to update the site with fresh content and improvements.

What is Mega888?

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Mega 888 is an app-based online casino that is compatible with every operating system out there, so it does not matter if your phone, tablet or laptop is running on Windows, Linux, Apple or Android, there will never be a problem accessing Mega88.

Ease of access is one of the main attractions of an online casino, after all, it is what sets us apart from traditional land-based casinos. To download Mega88, players can visit the iOS app store or the Google Play Store, simply use the search function to search for Mega 888 and the app should be the first result to show up.

However, if you find that the app is missing from the store, you might have been located in a restricted region in which gambling apps are locked. The solution for this is simple, players can still circumvent the system by manually installing the casino app without the app store. To do this, players will need the .apk file of the app, which is downloadable from At the site, there will be multiple download links available for the player to choose from, you should pick the download link based on the operating system that your device is based on.

There is one more step after the download process, the device needs to be prompted by the user to trust the developers of this app before the installation process can begin. To do this, simply follow the instructions listed below.

MEGA888 Download (For All iOS Devices)

Mobile phone users with iOS or Apple devices can download and install the apk file using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

Step One: Search and Download The App

On your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser app’s search query box, type in ’’ and search. This site should be the first place you check for downloading the app. Alternatively, ‘’ will reroute you to where you can download the app.

Step Two: Find The Best Mega888 APK File For Your Mobile

If you logged onto the official website, you will be provided with a list of options and apps. Search for Mega88 and select it.

Step Three: Download The Selected APK Version

Next, scroll down and select your device version and download it. This will begin the Mega888 apk download.

Step Four: Install The Downloaded File

Click ‘install’ and wait for the installation of Mega 888 apk to be completed. Depending on your network connection, this might take between three and five minutes.

Step Five: Phone Settings

Go to your phone’s menu and select ‘Settings’ on your phone. Look for it and then click on the option ‘General’. After that, find your ‘Device Management’.

Step Six: ‘Trust’ The Mega888 App

As an iPhone device user, you will have to manually configure your phone settings to allow the installation of the app. The way you can do this is by selecting the Enterprise App. Next, you need to click on ‘Trust XXXEnterprise’.

Don’t forget to confirm ‘Trust’. Otherwise, the app will not be accepted by your phone, and as such, it will not be installed.

Finally: Launch MEGA88 App

After the application has been successfully downloaded and installed on your phone, make sure you follow the directions that come on once you launch the app. They are there to ensure you register properly so you can play.


MEGA888 Download Android Devices

The application was created in such a way that it can be installed automatically on Android devices after downloading it from the official website or its affiliates. The steps involved are somewhat similar to the ones listed above (describing how to download it on iOS devices). Without further ado, here are the surefire ways to install the MEGA88 app on your Android device.

Step One: Open Settings On Phone

Click on the ‘settings’ option on your mobile phone. Next, keep scrolling down till you find the ‘settings and privacy’ option. Open it.

If your Android version is earlier than Version 8.0, the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option may have been replaced with ‘Settings’, and the ‘Install apps from external sources’ option may have been replaced with ‘Unknown sources’. The way it comes up on your phone screen, that is the place you want to be.

Step Two: Allow The Phone To Install Unknown Sources

Click ‘allow’ and confirm ‘allow’ when the query box pops up to ask for permission to install the programme after. This will enable the apk file to be successfully installed on your phone.

Step Three: Find The Trusted Mega888 Website

On your Chrome or Firefox browser, type in ’’ or ‘’ in the search query box and search. Either of those websites will direct you to a site where you can download the app onto your phone.

Step Four: Find The Downloadable APK File

If you logged onto ’’, you will be provided with a list of options and apps. Search for Mega 888 and select it.

Step Five: Select The Best Suit Version

Scroll down the page and select ‘Android’. Next, click ‘Download’. At this point, you are going to have to exercise patience and wait for the download to be completed. This step will begin the apk to begin downloading.

Step Six: Install The Downloaded File

Open the Apk File. Doing this will open the file and start the installation process on your phone.

Steps one and two above already made it possible for your phone to accept the apk file as it would accept an apk file from websites it trusts. Also, completely carrying out steps one and two ensure that apps (including the Mega88 app) are installed on your phone without any error messages.

Finally: Launch The App and Enjoy!

Go ahead and launch the app, and now that the entire download and installation processes have been completed, make sure that you follow the next instructions that will be displayed on your phone screen. The instructions that come up will help you begin and complete the registration process so you can join the many other people who are already earning big on the platform. Once the registration process has been completed, you can now enjoy the app and start gaming.

One interesting addition that is worth mentioning that has been made to further spice things up in the operations of the website is that the developers have made it possible so that the file can be installed and launched on your personal computer by following some set of rules.

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Extra Reminder Note

Please Note: Make sure that you download the app from the ’’. We advise you not to download the app from just any third-party site, there is a very high chance that you might have as well just installed a virus on your phone.

This is because apps from untrusted sources are well known for their altered states. In other words, third party applications and apk files have most likely been tampered with by hackers and other unethical software programmers.

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