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Being a samurai does not only mean you know how to wield a sword, being a samurai means you have mastered your mind and your body, and you can swing a sword as if it is an extension of your own body. Samurais are the warriors of pre-modern Japan, they also determine your status in Japan. Is this topic, we will talk about a popular samurai game on 918Kiss.

During the Edo period, a samurai is the highest-ranking social caste in Japan. Samurais get a lot of respect from common folks, even until this century. We love samurais because they showcase such a proficient use of the body and the mind, they prioritize efficiency, resourcefulness and uphold honour and discipline as a way of life.

Inspired by the Japanese, we at 918 Kiss online had decided to create a slot game based on Samurais, we name it the Silent Samurai based on two very popular franchise surrounding samurais. They are the Mute Samurai or ‘Oshizamurai Kiichihogan’ — a well-known television series in Japan broadcast in black and white from 1973 to 1974. Our second source of inspiration comes from the sensational folklore, blind swordsman Zatoichi.

Zatoichi might just be the largest franchise in Japan right next to Pokemon, as of 2019 they are a total of 26 movies made surrounding the legendary swordsman, not counting a handful of spin-offs and remakes from other countries. Zatoichi has proven to us that even at a severe disadvantage, one’s resourcefulness is key to getting out of a sticky situation. Zatoichi taught us to never give up, even on the verge of desperation and defeat.

How To Play and Win Silent Samurai On 918Kiss

Samurai Slot game (918Kiss)


This degree of self-discipline and resourcefulness can certainly come in handy when playing Slot games. Contrary to popular belief, slot games are not the type of game that is solely based on luck. Slot games require strategizing skills, discipline, and rationality. Players are required to make swift and crucial decisions at every pull, this is the same with a samurai wielding a sword, only this time the player is holding the lever of a machine. We at 918Kiss had put this thought into a capsule, and we translated it into Silent Samurai.

Silent Samurai is oriental themed, here we feature various cool samurai, beautiful geisha, deadly katanas, and other Edo period aesthetics. We also have ninjas, shurikens, and other Japanese mythological creatures starring as guests in the game. The game is painted in gold from top to bottom, it is a colour appreciated by the rulers of Japan during that period known as the Shogun.


Silent Samurai Jackpot

918Kiss silent samurai

The gameplay is easy, in fact, there is no tutorial required. It features WILD + SCATTER with multiplier wins. The current rating of Silent Samurai at 918kiss is 4 out of 5 stars, this rating is voted by more than 18,000 players. The slot game is outstanding due to its unique themes, we at 918Kiss love to experiment with these unconventional themes for our slot games so that we can keep crafting viral content for the internet.

If you are interested in playing Silent Samurai, download the 918kiss app to try it out now!