918Kiss Online Slots: Promotions, Bonuses and Deals

918Kiss Malaysia Casino is one of the popular and exciting gambling platforms for online gamblers. Online gambling was never so fun before. 918 Kiss is the best gaming platform that includes websites as well as a mobile application that offers a series of fun games that can be played on personal devices with ease and convenience. 

It offers a wide range of games that are interesting and exciting for players. New customers can easily sign up and register themselves on this famous and authentic gaming arena without any difficulties. Customer can also refer to the 918kiss login guide here for more details.

918Kiss The New Innovative Slots That Fits In Your Pocket

918Kiss Promotion and Bonus Policies

918 Kiss offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions to its existing as well as new members. These promotions and bonuses vary from time to time and are valid for a certain period only.  Certain terms and conditions are attached to them as such which are discussed in detail below;

918Kiss Welcome Bonus

Kiss918 offers a 150% welcome bonus on all the slot games to the new customers. The limit of the amount is the maximum of MYR 240. Another bonus offered by 918Kiss promotion includes welcome bonus of 30% on Baccarat. The maximum limit of this bonus is MYR 90. 

The deposit besides the bonus amount can be rolled up to 20 times before withdrawal. 30% happy hour bonus is given on slot games with a time limit of 18:00 GMT until 21:00. The maximum amount limit is MYR 90. 

Another exciting bonus for the existing customers is a daily deposit bonus of 10%. This is an incentive for the existing members. The maximum limit of the amount is MYR 200. You can check up how to get 918Kiss free credit here.

To avail of these bonuses, each player must play through one official and a registered account. If the member is found operating more than one account, Kiss918 reserves the right to suspend the account and freeze the amount which cannot be withdrawn by the customer.

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918 Kiss Deposit Promotion

Other than that, another 918kiss promotion that you must not missed out is the unlimited slot deposit 10% return rate for each deposit. This promotion is valid for all the existing members. This promotion requires a rollover of 5 times before the withdrawal of the amount. 

Another promotional offer these days on Kiss918 is to deposit RM50 and get free RM 10 on every deposit. This promotion is valid for new and existing customers.

Special VIP privileges are offered to VIP customers who have been a part of 918 Kiss for more than one year and are still active on this platform.

Updated on 8/12/2020

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918 Kiss reserves the right to cancel or make any changes in the terms and policies mentioned above as and when required by them without giving prior notice to the members. To avail of these bonuses and promotions, the members are bound to follow the terms and conditions applied by Kiss918

In case of not following the terms and conditions, 918 Kiss has the authority to terminate the accounts of the customers or can suspend the account of the customers permanently. Along with this, they can also freeze the balances in the accounts of the customers and will ultimately credit the account of 918 Kiss. For more information feel free to check out the available services provided by 918kiss customer services.